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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” 

As said by Scott Belsky, Behance Co-founder, this statement holds a wholesome meaning itself. When we talk about starting up something new, a standard action we usually go through is thinking behind making it possible. Sometimes all we wish for is to say, “Siri, get my shit done, please,” and it would just not be a problem anymore, but, unfortunately, that’s not how it works, and we have to search for the ideas we can incorporate for real. You may think that you don’t have enough expertise for the business startup, but the truth is, you don’t have to be nerdy, as many of the businesses can usually pick up along the way. Confidence, intelligence, and a sense of adventure can do wonders, though.

Nonetheless, every person who is planning to join the team of entrepreneurs has to ask the most critical question: “How can I filter out the best startup that will flourish in the future?” and guess what? We have researched to save your time surfing and narrowing down the list. Let’s get to the Ten Best Ideas For Early Startups without any further delay.

1. Food Truck Business 

If you are a foodie who likes to eat or cook, this startup will help you achieve your dream to become an entrepreneur without hesitation in learning or the other way around.

This business doesn’t require a lot of investment. If you are lucky enough to receive the funding initially, you can quickly draw your attention towards turning your food business into a restaurant. However, you usually focus on your delivery, taste, and how to grab customers’ attention with a little.

2. Digital Marketing 

The world is digitized, and e-commerce businesses are on the top of the list, making it happen. This is an excellent time to get an advantage of it and make a platform for providing digital marketing services. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing helps businesses reach a greater audience and create a fruitful bridge between the customers and the companies, either small or large.

Most of all, the demand for these services is way too high that this can be the cheapest business to start with—all you need to have a team of experts and some fundamental understanding of how the system works. You can also connect with the people giving services via freelancing platforms or LinkedIn to provide them with tasks as asked by the clients.

3. Event Planning 

Planning an event is a fun-filled experience, and you can have a startup and earn. So, if you are organized enough and love to decorate, this business is the right fit for you. You can either choose your specialization or go with versatility, depending on your skills.

The main advantage of having an event planning business is it can give you clients repeatedly through reviews of the previous one, which means you will not make so much effort in the promotions; your passion would speak itself rather.

4. Social Media Management

If you want to earn through doing not more than expected, Social media Management is for you. In that way, you would not feel guilty spending your time on social media and also get paid for it. Many companies, retailers, and even influencer look for someone who can manage their profiles to make their online presence worthy.

You must be wondering how I can get these opportunities? The answer is you have to go on some sites like career builders to be known about the people who are working as social media managers.

5. Online Teaching 

You may not believe it but teaching online is one of the excellent potential ideas to earn and grow as an entrepreneur. Amidst the pandemic, many people looked for something they can do while staying at home. On the other hand, students or their parents were looking for teachers who can give some time to teach.

This idea is worth approaching in the sense that even when you don’t have any physical place to work, you can teach online courses according to your specialization and without wasting any time and money on your conveyance.

6. Interior Design Consultant 

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult but not as difficult if you plan to become an interior design consultant. You must be wondering how I can say that, but it’s a simple yet most profitable business.

If you are the one who loves decorating and not making so much effort as roaming around here and there, you have to get the basic knowledge about drawing boards to draw schematics and show a prototype of what’s going in your client’s mind. It might take some time to generate the revenue and build a profile like any other business; however, sharing your work online on digital platforms can help you grow beyond your imaginations.

7. Online Fashion Boutique 

No inventory? Not a problem because now is the best time to have your online boutique where you can showcase your fashion sense by simply curating items from other vendors into your online store. And yes, you don’t have to be a fashion designer for it.

Dresses, accessories, shoes, and others-you can all have it in your online store through product sourcing apps like Shopify and model them in your well-thought products, photos and build the online following if you want to set the trend.

8. Handmade and Hand-Crafted Goods Selling 

Some people love to make DIY stuff, and they don’t plan to have a business of their own until someone praises their art. Let us tell you that you don’t have to underestimate yourself cause it’s just about learning and growing at each step.

So if you think you enjoy doing art, weather handmade cards, soaps, the box full of surprises, candles, or anything else, all you need is to create a business page like Instagram and Facebook. And drop some aesthetically pretty photos on them, publicize and promote it as much as you can and as for the reviews-as product development and procurement is legit in your hands.

A tip is to be mindful of some products’ regulations, like skincare or home remedies, or mention a disclaimer to people aware of using them at their own risk.

9. Make-up Artists 

Being a makeup artist is one of the many home-based businesses that can make you fulfill your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in just no time.

Suppose you know the art of adding precision on the face with some brushes and makeover products. In that case, you can be the gem here as this is the most lucrative business that provides flexibility, recession-resistant, and non-seasonal markets.

10. Freelance Writing 

Have you taken the appreciation for your writing skills? Because there must be someone who wants to pay you for that. It could be academic writing or a creative one, and you can use your customized requirements, according to the market’s demand.

You can start with ensuring that you have a body of work built up to share with potential clients, and to be honest, it should be your priority. Even a few sample pieces can help to get the assignment from potential on-hand clients; they’ll help exhibit your work and attract startups or on-going businesses to get their job done by you.

Less Hassle, More Ideas- Let’s Conclude 

These early startup ideas can help you perform well individually but can be combined with several others to claim versatility. Nonetheless, it would be mean if we don’t thank technologies, third-party suppliers, and the digitization through which we can earn seemingly without worrying too much about finances and inventories.

Moreover, through this approach, you can test ideas through online platforms, build a physical store, and run a profitable business afterward!

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