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how to prepare for exam at eleventh hour

After your spent weekends doing parties, you come to the school on Monday and hear your teacher saying Final Exams are starting next Tuesday. You start feeling faint, not knowing why this is happening. All in all, it gives you a shock because you haven’t prepared a single thing for exams! And you also start thinking, What to do now, Is there any way to pull off this daunting situation. Now you have nothing left behind, only to prepare with the days left! Since you will be preparing for your final exams at the end moment, you would require some encouragement that will kill every sort of doubt that is prevailing in your mind right now.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible.”

-Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, a famous British actress and humanitarian both, uttered this popular line, recognized as both a film and fashion icon. A person who achieved a lot in her life said that thing became famous and made headlines forever, so there might be something about this line. Besides, you will be preparing at the eleventh hour. You would be having some panic attacks, which will be overwhelming your mind with Now time is Over, Nothing can Happen, and Nothing Good can come my way because I’ve wasted my time, and so on… But you don’t need to worry anymore because we have good news for you! We got some well-researched and proven tips that will help you in your way.

Most innovative ways to prepare for an exam at the last minute

Let’s dive into the tips without any further ado because we already have a limited period!

1. Wake up Early and Get Going

Once, some wise person said for a reason;

“The early bird gets the worm.”

– John Ray

Waking up early in the morning is not only good for your health, but it gives you ample chances to win your luck! That way, your early wake will record your name for more chances of success. Whatever is said is not just a proverb, but it has some practical implications. When you wake up early in the morning, you enjoy fresh air, which circulates oxygen in your brain and whole body, an essential element for your body. Besides, you can think well and make good decisions. Whether you prepared from the day go or not, you are still freaking out panic attacks in exam situations. In this case, waking up early in the morning will relieve your stress of having less time and allow you to focus more on your studies!

2. Scheduling and Prioritization

In every situation, scheduling and prioritization are very important. It’s like organizing your workflow. By following this approach, you will break down your subjects, chapters, or even topics according to suitable timings. When you start prioritizing your syllabus, you have a blueprint that helps you study efficiently because you will have a clear understanding of what to do now, what to do next, what to do later, and so on.

3. Start from Where you Excel

Always, you would have heard your teachers sharing this tip. Start from the questions you feel stronger and then go to those questions you think will take time. By going along with this advice, you will start from where you think you will grasp the concepts quickly and in a short time. This way, you will save more time on the difficult questions. In the end, you will end up covering your whole syllabus, not leaving anything behind, for the sake of essential questions. It is proven that when you prepare for crucial questions that you think will come in papers, ditch you in the end!

4. Discipline your Habits

Up Till now, you got what you need most! I mean, you know how much time you should dedicate to which subject, where to initiate from, and when to start in your day. Now, what you need is, be disciplined in your Habits. Because discipline binds you to repeat your activities daily, it escapes you from distracting from your pattern because you find them exhausting and too demanding. In the end, I would like to share something which will give you a stimulus for a disciplined life.

For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards.

– Jim Rohn

Now, I hope you will not try to get away from a disciplined life just because you have to struggle every day!

5. Short Breaks

To keep you on track, you well deserve short breaks because you can’t load up your mind with a lot of information in a row! Your mind will remain fresh by having a short interval of breaks and will not lose a spark!

6. Concept Clearing not Memorization

To optimize your time, you need to focus on Clearing your Concepts rather than Memorizing! Because stuffing your brain with strings of information without understanding them, only create a jumble of information, and panic yourself over, taking too much time on one thing. Also, by clearing concepts, you can easily retain information for judgment day!

7. Revise your Content

You focused on clearing your concepts, you took short breaks to keep yourself energized, you scheduled and prioritized your syllabus, you followed a disciplined life, and you did everything right! Now, you are left with ample time to revise everything else you learned! You have enough time to check whether you missed anything else or not. Also, you can look back at those things that you feel need a little more recaps.

8. Do it like you are Rapping.

Truly, yell, sing, or even rap – as long as you open your mouth! By concentrating for all to hear, it’s simpler to hold data as your cerebrum gives you three upgrades (say, hear, and read) rather than one to review the material. As you talk, your maintenance develops because you’re compelled to recite the material so anyone can hear.

Along these lines, it would be better if you are not simply concentrating in your mind, focus so anyone might hear, and keep away from public territories if you can. You wouldn’t have any desire to bug individuals around you.

Wrapping up

And that is it for today! At your doorstep, I brought practical tips with a solid foundation. Here, I didn’t say anything else from my perspective, instead of having proven tips as a backbone. I hope that you would have enjoyed reading this article. If you want to say something else or even share anything else other than that, you can share your feedback in the comments section. You are open to comment on our form!

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