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how is technology influencing our lives

Looking at the current situation, one can easily say, “Technology is the future, and Technology is Life.” Since its arrival, it has completely transformed our daily lives! If you look around yourself, everything has changed from Laptops that we use in offices to LEDs in our drawing rooms. Initially, there were no Telephone traces, but we got blessed with its first landline, then mobile phones. Now, we are using Smartphones, the very advanced version of these earliest devices. Today, you can’t even think of living without them because they are an inseparable part of our lives!

Have you ever thought about whose blessings are these? No? It is OK! There is only one Catalyst behind all these blessings, and that one is Technology, and it’s not the only invention that we have; there are multiple other ones that we are using every second of our lives. Like the Internet, which is almost our routine now, is connected to our smartphones every time. And amazingly, it’s not the end here; we have innumerable examples covered for you, which we will show you right now!

Ways in which Technology is Influencing our Lives

Here we will unveil some recent advancements that you might have used once in your life!

  • Working From Home (WFH)

Wherever you will look into the history from now onwards, 2020 will always be associated with a ton of negative reasons. Apart from negatives, one of its most stressful positives is the worldwide acknowledgment of work from home. With the pandemic going full speed ahead, many needed to forsake their workplaces and sign-on from their own homes. At its pinnacle, 42% of Americans considered working from homes, as indicated by one study. And there is no surprise that once this pandemic is over, still the pattern looks to rule, with trillion-dollar organizations, for example, Twitter and Microsoft, previously expressing that their staff can work from home forever!

For some, working from home has been something of a disclosure – no travel, more flexible hours, and having the liberty to pick thee work accordingly. Once more, all this is made possible because of technological advancements.

  • Cashless Payment (Covid-19 Precautions)

The word “Cashless” speaks for itself, and it implies no use of physical banknotes and coins. It is an economic system where all the financial transactions occur through digital means, either debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallet apps, internet banking, QR Codes, etc. For some of us, it would be a recent change in how we carry out our transactions, but Sweden is its prime example! In 2023, Sweden will be the first proud cashless nation in the world, with an economy that goes 100 percent digital.

It all started far before, but if you look at it now, especially in the world where we live right now, where Covid-19 is still in full swing, this seems now the safest option! You do not need to wait in queues to pay your bills, you do it from your mobile phones by sitting at home, and it is the One-Click option now!

  • Virtual Education (Online Teaching Mechanism)

Virtual Education is also called Online Schooling, which means teaching students entirely or primarily through the Internet where students can take live sessions through video conferencing systems or take recorded lectures as per their ease! And nowadays, this trend is marching ahead quite briskly with its roots deepen in our society. Again if you look in terms of the Covid-19 situation, this seems “Not Going Anywhere.” Plus, it is also expected that it will be there until the year 2022. Afterward, we can expect situations to get some better. If this is our reality, then why risk our children’s life?. And why not continue this change until this pandemic is over, which not only gives us safety but keeps our Education going!

  • Ecommerce and Online Shopping

Like cashless payment, Ecommerce not only saves us from the hassle of going to the location by ourselves and facing the jostling of the crowd but making it somewhat more accessible and shopping as per our choice. This is not a small thing, but a trillion-dollar market expected to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021. Secondly, it is not a random whirlwind of people coming and going, buying stuff online without a trace; instead, everything on the Internet is tracked, from optimal times of engagement, likes, and reactions, to even referral traffic! Plus, it would help if you were not surprised; all of that data gave birth to Marketing Analytics and resulted in marketers drafting their marketing strategies according to the pattern they see.

  • E-Book

E-Book is a form of publication made available in digital format, consisting of text, images, etc. It is said to be a revolutionary step toward studying and consuming information. You can now easily read books on Tablets, Smartphones, and PCs, and you do not need to carry a bundle of pages with you. Just by downloading your favorite books as much as you want, you can enjoy your leisure time!

  • Music

It has also changed how we listen to music when it is about technological advancements. No matter where you are, you can enjoy your music anywhere, any time! Just download your music, and create your favorite playlist, and you are ready to go with your journey. Similarly, books, CDs, Cassettes, and other physical albums will always have their place because they were unique ways of listening to music!

Wrapping Up

And that is it from our side. Today we brought you some recent and remarkable ways of changing our lives, but there is still more to come! I hope that these findings would be a real help to you. Plus, I would like to invite you to share your opinion with us, and I will appreciate your efforts.

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