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First of all, I would like to ask one question. What is the basic purpose of a Closet? I am going to give you 5 minutes to share this with me. I think you know the answer, right? Ok, let me share my answer with all of you. A closet is meant to be a place where you can put all your clothes in an arranged manner. But sometimes you keep your most secret items as well. So, Nobody Could See That Without Your Permission.

Most of the time we clutter our place I mean closet with unnecessary items and regret afterwards. We regret at times when we need something very urgently but are unable to find it due to the mess we have created. If you want yourself able to find the most important items at crucial times, then come and join our journey. Here, I am going to disclose just 5 simple ways which will make your closet look clean and pleasant. So, let’s get started!

The 5 Ways to De-clutter Your Personal Place – I mean Closet! 

Let’s start discussing some of the best ways out to de-clutter your closet, and keep it clean from any sort of mess, that might give you uneasy feeling.

1. Align Your Free Cartons

The first way is to take all the boxes out you have in your house, like apple boxes, orange boxes, or any other thing that you might feel functional. Because it would be easier to sort out all your clothes and extra stuff in those boxes.

Tip: First, Put all your earrings, or special gifted perfumes in cartons, second; keep them in the center of your closet. Along with that, You can also keep your shoes in the lower part of the closet utilizing all the spaces!

2. Wipe Out Additional Stuff From Your Bed

We usually keep our clothes on the bed, and then it stays forever in the very messy side corner! But if you wanna go about smartly then just wipe your bed, and you are good to go now to have a good insight!

I would recommend you all to wipe out all the unnecessary stuff from your bedroom, to give it a comfortable feel otherwise it will remain untidy, and dusty!

3. Give Your Clothing Catalogue a New Look 

The third thing is categorizing your clothes like T-shirts, Shirts, Jeans, and Trousers in a separate row. 

Afterwards, ask yourself, “Are these shirts useful, and worth wearing?” if the answer is Yes, then keep it that way! 

Also, put those clothes aside that literally need a laundry service. For sure, this way you’ll de-clutter lots of clothes that you no longer wear, but are still in your closet.

4. Re-Organize Your Dresses and Shoes

Another most important thing is to hang the dresses properly, because usually we just throw the dresses in the closet, without properly organizing them in the closet. This habit just doesn’t make your closet clumsy, in fact, it will become a burden for you to clean it next time, or find your favorite dress you want to wear at a party! 

Bonus tip: You can also iron them before hanging although it will cost a little more effort, but that effort is actually worth it! 

By following this bonus tip you’ll be able to find the dresses easily, and wear them instantly because they will be well pressed and ironed.

5. Repeat this Cleaning Activity Weekly! 

Please don’t forget to repeat this activity twice a month, and after every season make sure that you de-clutter old clothes, because in such a way you may have space for the new ones. In short, it is very important to clean the closet after every season, because you need to put new seasonal clothes in it, and put the old ones in the laundry or discarding section.

Messy and untidy closets don’t feel good and might be the reason for the embarrassment of someone from the outside opening the closet without your concerns. Plus, it might be the reason for your inability to find important things at very crucial times.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, that’s how you can give your entire room a new look, and feel which will definitely endorse you to spend more time with your friends, in your room rather than looking out for a soothing environment.

So that’s it from my side, and I tried to pull up every single piece of information that I could. But still, if you feel, it could have been done much better. Please let me know in the comments section. I will truly appreciate your effort because it will help me improve our information and get connected with you.

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