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5 amazing shows on Voot

When it comes to kick off the Top 5 amazing shows on Voot, You Must Watch – a Viacom18’s Premium video-on-demand platform that just became a mark in the eyes of the public, is the most overwhelming yet exciting task to do. Thankfully it streams some popular shows like ASUR, Marzi, and the Raikar case; it will create hype among Indian series watchers sooner or later.

While having an awe-worthy star cast, impressive dialogue delivery, and a gripping storyline, and the easy discovery of the popular content with ratings and reviews, it sometimes gets confusing for us to finalize the list of series we want to binge on in our spare time or in slumber party to enjoy with friends or family which made me to the realization of coming up with a blog on Top 5 Amazing Shows on Voot You Must Watch. Let’s go through it in the given list.

The Best Web-Series on Voot Official:

Without wasting a single moment, grab some popcorn, and start reading about the top-notch web series streaming on Voot Official!

1. MARZI – A Thrilling Web Series

A Voot Select’s original web series, owned by Rajeev Khandelwal and Aahana Kumra, a mind-blowing crime thriller that makes you raise questions after every episode. The story is taken from a Jack and Anil Senior directs Harry Williams nominated book named “Liar” and the show.

The plot is a complete twist between a truth and a lie when a supposedly harmless date of Anurag (Rajeev Khandelwal ) and Sameera (Aahana Kumra) turns into the biggest nightmare of their lives. A seemingly innocuous date turns into their biggest nightmare while each party narrates a different story of the events that happened in the night.

2. THE RAIKAR CASE – A Family Mystery

This is one of the famous shows on the Voot channel because of the mystery genre, keeping the audience stuck with the screens until the last episode’s launch. This series shows the mysterious folds of a family known as Raikar when a person from the family was killed and left everyone in shock! 

The series later shows the Police Officers’ diligent work, investigating Raikar’s family member’s death. They all are Politicians, and you can imagine the immense amount of Thrill and drama that must have been created within the series, keeping the audience going, WOW, and Thrill! I would recommend all the mysterious genre lovers to watch this series once in a lifetime and enjoy quality time with their loved ones and friends.

3. ASUR- Welcome to the Dark Side 

Asur-Featuring Arshad as A CBI officer who got accused of the murder of his wife- as quoted by Shreya Aahrwal is a decent one-time watch to hook you up for the next upcoming season. This web series is positively reviewed by critics and fans and enjoys an IMDb rating of 8.4. 

The series has made its mark for taking its audience on the journey of two opposite worlds- forensic science and Indian mythology at the very same time. It follows Nikhil Nair, a forensic expert who later turned into a teacher, returns to the Investigation’s initial roots at the Central Bureau of the Investigation! With the assistance of his former mentor, Dhananjay Rajpoot, he finds himself caught in a game of finding a killer. Next is a suspense mixture, mythology, and unrelated people murders.

4. IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE- The Voot Original

The Voot original’s “It’s not that simple” is a hit drama story of four characters Meera, Jayesh, Sameer, and Rajiv- who live an everyday life until some truths from the past come along it and change forever.

The lead role of series star Swara, trapped in the monotony of traditional marriage, rediscovers herself after coming across some of her past relationships in her school reunion. The story takes the twist when she takes the journey of self-exploration and breaks the chain of patriarchy while not compromising on her happiness.

5. SHAADI BOYS – A TV Program

Shaadi Boys is a comedy-drama show that portrays a hilarious story of three boys Neil, Nitin, and Mukesh, who try to explore the start-up journey as wedding planners in the business world. The story has fantastic twists and turns when they find a perfect place to showcase their talent, and a girl falls in love with all three of them.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all about the whole article. I hope you enjoyed reading it and got an insight into each of the “Top 5 Amazing Shows on Voot You must Watch”. Though, I would love to know your most favorite one in the comments section and whatever you think about the blog. 

I tried to list down all the recent shows trends over the Voot platform because of the quality cast, and acting caging a positive response from the audience initially!  Good luck with the reading.

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